Together 2021

A square calendar for a circular year

 A calendar intended to provide fresh eyes to look
at the days of the year. Dates in color do not mark,
as usual, national holidays, civil and religious.
Instead, Iternational Days celebrating humanity
and nature are highlighted, as well as the four natural
turning points of the year, equinoxes and solstices.
These are the dates that should unite everybody
to the fundamentel principles of humanity.
Wall calendar, single page, size mm 245 x 24, 
set in metal type and wood type,
printed letterpress in three colors 
on Gmund Cotton Linen Cream 600 gr.

Monthly grids are laid along the four sides
of the board, in groups of three,
suggesting the flow of time. Four holes pierced
in each side allow to hang the calendar 
in the appropriate position.

With Apothecarymilano, & Tipografia Pesatori.