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"Il Buon Tempo" was established as a private press and printmaking studio by Lucio Passerini in 1982.

"Il Buon Tempo" (The Good Time) is about the things we feel are of special importance, the things we are particularly interested in and curious about.
It is the time devoted to our favourite things, those that give us happiness and satisfaction.

The Buon Tempo is now also a new way of organizing travel and free time. Unlike mass tourism, it is adapted to the individual and to his or her own interests.
The Travels of Il Buon Tempo aims above all to bring personal enrichment. It always respects different perspectives and wishes.

The activity is managed by Chiara Bottelli, who has twenty years experience in the travel business and a deep knowledge of Japanese culture. She proposes a series of itineraries between Italy and Japan. All itineraries can be tailored to customers’ needs and wishes.

The Travels of Il Buon Tempo offers a new way of enjoying travel and of encountering other cultures and ways of life.

The Travels of Il Buon Tempo are tailored differently from package tours. They are designed exclusively for small groups, in order to offer travellers an authentic experience of the country they are visiting.

Accompanied by an expert guide, travellers can enjoy the experience of discovering a city and its most distinctive sights, They will be helped to choose the right restaurant and the best place to take a break. They will immerse themselves in the day-to-day life of a country and also have the chance to meet local people.

Some itineraries are designed to provide a broad understanding of the country; others are suggestions and ideas that can be developed in discussion with an individual client.